Kardashian Family Christmas Card: Now With 3-D Butt-Viewing Technology

Maureen O'Connor · 12/19/11 02:35PM

Hark! Ye harbingers of consumer doom, the Kardashians, have released their 2011 Christmas card. Whereas last year's yuletide feat of airbrushed uncanny put viewers in a trance state, this year's card will make you go, "A-woooo-gah!" while pumping 3-D glasses back and forth in the airspace in front of your face. (Like so.) This year's KardashiKard comes three dimensions, you see. [Image via Kourtney Kardashian]

Spy Kids 4: The Fourth Dimension Is Smell

Richard Lawson · 07/01/11 01:54PM

Here's a trailer for Robert Rodriguez's unnecessary Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World. 3D is real popular, so the movie's in 3D. But it's also the fourth movie, so the "3" in "3D" just won't do. So they've added a fourth "dimension": Smell!

Nazis Liked 3-D Movies, Too

Maureen O'Connor · 02/16/11 03:34PM

Turns out the Nazis were watching 3-D movies years before Americans were. According to the Guardian, Australian filmmaker Philippe Mora recently uncovered two 3-D propaganda films that date to 1936:

Goofy New Technology Will Allow You to Watch 3-D Movies Without Glasses

Leah Beckmann · 01/18/11 01:30PM

Forget those insufferable shades. Inventors Post and Vogel have discovered a new way to view the third dimension. Simply attach blue teeth to your head, promptly lose control of your facial muscles, and commence to blinking back and forth repeatedly.

The Kennedys Killed The Kennedys

Richard Lawson · 01/10/11 04:27PM

The canceled miniseries may have been canceled due to family pressure. Also today: Glee will not be saluting Justin Bieber, your favorite shows have been renewed, and Wicked heads to the small screen. No, not that Wicked. Not really.

Just How Many Types of 3D Are There?

Christopher Han · 12/28/10 06:00PM

Here is a compilation of moments in trailers where they mention that the movie is in 3D. For many it's not just 3D, but their very own, special 3D. You may shake your head in disgust.

Kinect Hack Makes Full 3D Video One Step Closer to Reality

Christopher Han · 11/15/10 02:01PM

This isn't the 3D you're used to. Oliver Kreylos of UC Davis hacked the Microsoft Kinect to transfer the video data onto his computer, making it possible to zoom in on the environment being captured. It's holographic.

New Nutcracker Adaptation is Completely Whacked

Bryan Ridgell · 09/16/10 02:06PM

Andrei Konchalovsky is lending his treatment to The Nutcracker, turning the play into a 3D effects-heavy film. Features Nathan Lane, John Turturro, and a host of rat-men who fly around on jetpacks. Half holiday movie, half insanity. The trailer, inside.

Keiichi Matsuda's Hyperreal "Augmented City" In 3D

Emily A. Farris · 08/16/10 04:30PM

Although best watched with 3D glasses, one can still get a feel for what director Keiichi Matsuda is trying to convey. He's implying that our future is filled with constant connection to information, which has both positive and negative consequences.

Jackass 3D: Feel Their Pain

Richard Lawson · 08/06/10 09:11AM

Here's a trailer for the upcoming Jackass 3D, the new James Ivory picture starring Maggie Smith and Jim Broadbent. Hm? Wait, no, sorry. It's the threequel (ugh) in the Johnny Knoxville series about man-boys hurting themselves. And it's in 3D!