30 Rock FCC Complaints: Vodka Tampons Are Obscene and Indecent

Ashley Feinberg · 05/15/15 04:20PM

While 30 Rock may have officially ended two years ago, its legacy lives on in the vodka-tampon, MILF-addled-memories of our nation’s most sensitive viewers. And now, we have the official FCC complaints to prove it.

Maggie Lange · 08/14/13 12:17PM

Prepare to high-five a million Tina Fey angels: she's developing a new show for NBC, that should be like "Cheers... on Fire Island." What? Whatever, I mean obviously we'll take it.

Ben & Jerry's 'Liz Lemon' Flavor Doesn't Sound Like Something Liz Lemon Would Ever Eat

Caity Weaver · 02/04/13 01:43PM

Tina Fey's Liz Lemon abides by a diet that is notoriously unhealthy, and often on the outer boundaries of "food." She famously received a false positive on a pregnancy test after gorging on "Sabor de Soledad" cheese-puffs, a fictional Mexican snack made with evaporated bull semen. She composed a song dedicated to "night cheese," the cheese she ate on her couch at night. In the episode "Sandwich Day," Lemon eats tinfoil, because it is acting as a barrier between her and a sandwich.

America's Wrongest TV Critic Forgot About Brett Butler

Robert Kessler · 01/31/13 04:21PM

New York Times television critic Alessandra Stanley's casual relationship with the truth has been well documented. She decided America invaded Iraq in 2002 and not 2003. She re-appropriated a common CNN slogan to MSNBC. And her crowning accomplishment: a rare triple correction on Walter Cronkite's obituary which earned her a scolding from Katie Couric. Her summary of NBC's 30 Rock, which has its series finale tonight, is only a little bit less wrong than usual.

Farewell to 30 Rock, the Show That Never Stopped Laughing at the Horrifying Loneliness of Being Human

Jack Dickey · 01/31/13 01:15PM

30 Rock ends tonight, after seven seasons on NBC, with little of the fanfare that surrounds a grand television event. Instead, it feels as if the show has already slid into the semi-obscurity of syndication. The critics would rather talk about Parks and Recreation and Girls; the Internet hive mind is swarming over Community and Louie; the awards shows have switched their allegiance to Modern Family. And the American viewing public? Well, it never liked 30 Rock all that much in the first place. At its peak, in its third season, it was the 69th most popular prime-time series in the country.

Robert Kessler · 01/03/13 05:35PM

30 Rock's final episode will feature a very special guest star: Rachel Dratch. Just kidding, it's Nancy Pelosi.

Robert Kessler · 10/18/12 03:20PM

Citizens of #lochtenation: your leader is on tonight's 30 Rock. He won't be racing Prince Harry, that was real life.

30 Rock's Live Episode Was a Lesson in the History of TV

Matt Toder · 04/27/12 11:10AM

Last night, 30 Rock aired its second live episode and it was both funny and ambitious. Mixed into the show's main plot was a string of sketches that charted the history of television and worked as an homage to live TV. The clip above features a few of those sketches, including great parodies of the Honeymooners, Amos and Andy, and Laugh In as well the work of guest star Jon Hamm.

Tracy Morgan Collapses At Sundance Festival But Not Because Of Drugs, Alcohol Or Kevin Federline's Fatness

A.J. Daulerio · 01/23/12 02:06PM

Yes, it appears the 43-year-old funny person and co-star of 30 Rock, was rushed to a Park City, Utah hospital after mysteriously collapsing. But despite whispers that the star was totally tanked during his Creative Coalition Spotlight Award speech, his rep says we should not be so judgey: "Any reports of Tracy consuming alcohol are 100 percent false." It doesn't appear that Morgan's collapse and 232-pound Kevin Federline's collapse are connected.

New Yorkers All Think 30 Rock Will Impress Dates

Ryan Tate · 08/24/11 03:00PM

Male or female, gay or straight, it doesn't seem to matter: Basically all of Gotham is citing 30 Rock in their online dating profiles. Because talking about television is sure to get you laid!