The Hunger Games Slaughters the Competition for Our Entertainment

Louis Peitzman · 03/24/12 01:20PM

That movie no one will shut up about is setting new records already — The Hunger Games' $68.3 million opening gives it the biggest opening day of any non-sequel, and the fifth-biggest opening of all time. Midnight showings accounted for $19.7 million of the film's take, which gives you a sense of how devoted fans of this series are.

21 Jump Street: Why Does This Movie Exist?

Max Read · 11/02/11 08:12PM

Here's the trailer for 21 Jump Street, the latest in a long line of incredibly good, successful, award-winning, hilarious, and terrific movies that take beloved (or at least, well-remembered, in a fond if kind of vague way) old dramatic television shows and turn them into comedies involving vomit jokes. It stars skinny Jonah Hill!

Ellie Kemper: Your Next Movie Star

Richard Lawson · 06/14/11 05:00PM

The little lady's got some heat on her, fresh off of one hit and onto a potential second one. Also today: Tom Cruise likes 'em big, two actors join the fight against the zombies, and J.Lo might J.Go.

Every New TV Show Is Going to Be a Musical Now

Richard Lawson · 12/01/10 04:56PM

You can thank Glee for that. Also today: a new time travel movie is confusing, we need a farm boy to go kill a giant, a TV adaptation gets its leads, and an Ugly Betty favorite makes good.

Planned '21 Jump Street' Revival Brings Jonah Hill Closer Than Ever to Heartthrob Status

STV · 05/14/08 01:00PM

Now that we've confirmed their likenesses beyond any reasonable doubt, the only thing left to wonder about Jonah Hill's planned feature adaptation of 21 Jump Street is whether or not he can pull off Johnny Depp's smoldering charm as Officer Tom Hanson, the undercover cop whose high-school crime-fighting exploits lasted four hit seasons on Fox in the late '80s. Sony, which is handling the movie version, confirmed only to Entertainment Weekly that Hill has been hired to write and executive produce; he has not officially been cast in any role, but if Depp's shoes indeed prove too sizable for Hill, there's always the Peter DeLuise part. Or, if he's feeling a particular lack of ambition, he could try Richard Grieco's doomed Dennis Booker.