Sandusky’s ‘Victim 1’ Gives First Interview, 20/20 Uses It As Excuse to Play Gotcha Journalism

Taylor Berman · 10/19/12 10:35PM

Aaron Fisher, the 18-year-old formerly known as 'Victim 1' in the Jerry Sandusky case, gave his first interview to ABC's 20/20 Friday night. It was the first time the 18-year-old revealed his real name. The segments in which Fisher spoke were, as you'd expect, alternately sad and disturbing. Among other things, Fisher told ABC that Sandusky would wait for him outside his house, comparing the former Penn State coach to "that ex-girlfriend you wish you never had."

Clementi Webcam Peep Breaks Silence: 'I Never Thought He Would Find Out'

Maureen O'Connor · 03/23/12 10:59AM

Following his conviction in the webcam spy scandal that preceded gay Rutgers student Tyler Clementi's suicide, Dharun Ravi has broken his silence. "Energized" by the verdict, Ravi plans to fight his conviction. He maintains that he didn't commit a hate crime, and adds that he doesn't think he contributed to Clementi's death. "I was an insignificant part of his life," Ravi tells 20/20's Chris Cuomo in an interview that will air tonight. "That's what's giving me comfort now."

Mariah Carey Shows Off Twins on 20/20

Matt Cherette · 10/23/11 12:21PM

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon showed off their six-month-old twins for the first time on 20/20 on Friday night. But the babies—a son named Moroccan and daughter named Monroe—came at a high price for Carey, as you'll see in this clip of her discussing her pregnancy with Barbara Walters.

The Poor Hair Decisions of George Clooney

Arianna Reiche · 03/03/10 02:47PM

Last night's 20/20: Before They Were Famous unearthed the dark, greasy, borderline-jheri-curled past of this year's Oscar nominees. Being nominated for a role in a mediocre, vastly-overrated film isn't Clooney's only reason for hanging his head in shame!

cityfile · 12/07/09 02:38PM

Diane Sawyer has confirmed that she will end her decade-long run as co-anchor of Good Morning America this week. Friday's her last day. [LAT]
• Meanwhile, Chris Cuomo's role at ABC is up in the air. He's denied rumors he plans to jump to NBC, and may end up as co-anchor of 20/20. [NYDN, prev]
• Today was the deadline for New York Times staffers to take the buyout package that was offered to employees last fall. A list of people expected to exit the paper in the near future is now making the rounds. [Gawker]
• NBC might be ranked fourth in the ratings, but Comcast says it has no plans to sell NBC Universal's broadcast TV business when it takes over. [AP]
• MTV's Jersey Shore is one of two new reality shows stirring up criticism; now Domino's Pizza has decided to pull its advertising from the show. [NYT, TVG]
• Oxygen is developing a new reality show with Russell Simmons that will "focus on the women in his life." That should be interesting. [THR]
• Is Nancy Grace responsible for pushing a woman to commit suicide? [AP]
John Stossel is happier at Fox than he was at ABC, unsurprisingly. [TDB]
The Blind Side surpassed New Moon at the box office this weekend. [MTV]

Emmy-Winner Alec Baldwin's Plea: 'Please Don't Let Me Wake Up In the Morning'

STV · 09/22/08 02:55PM

It's true that Alec Baldwin recently confessed to a bit of a suicidal streak, but those dark nights of the angry-voicemail-leaving soul should have a little more to redeem them on the bright shining day after his first Emmy win for 30 Rock. Shouldn't they? Or are we to trust last Friday's haunting 20/20 exchange with Diane Sawyer — the darting eyes, the professed disinterest in his own life and that earnest eagerness to shuffle off show business's mortal coil? While we hope we never have to find out, Baldwin's almost overnight shift in fortune suggests that someone up there is looking out for him. Like, you know, his publisher. Either way, Alec, don't retire; without you, Tina Fey really does have nothing but an eternity of Sarah Palin jokes to look forward to. [ABC]