A Gift Guide For Your Co-Worker the Day After the Office Holiday Party

Gabrielle Bluestone · 11/25/15 06:00PM

So you’re having an office party. Good luck with the next morning. Because wherever you wake up—be it in bed, draped over your toilet, or even, like one Gawker writer who will remain unnamed, still riding the subway—here’s the hard truth: It’s going to be a struggle.

A Gift Guide for Teens by Teens

Kelly Conaboy · 11/25/15 05:15PM

Looking for something to buy a teen this holiday season? Look no further than this very gift guide, a gift guide that is for teens and by teens.

Five Vapes You Can Buy for the Cool Person in Your Life Who Vapes

Taylor Berman · 11/25/15 04:00PM

Were you a cool guy who smoked but now you’re an old guy who, instead of quitting altogether, prefers to inhale smoke-like material from a machine that glows? Or are you a pothead looking for a new way to smoke weed? Great. Let me help you pick out some Christmas gifts for yourself.

A Gift Guide For the Crash Dieter 

Jordan Sargent · 11/24/15 06:00PM

It’s almost 2016, and with such little time left to complete new year’s resolutions from last year, your friends or loved ones might be finding themselves desperately looking to get in better shape. May you interest them in a holiday crash diet?

What to Give Your One Black Friend: A Holiday Gift Guide

Jason Parham · 11/24/15 05:30PM

Congrats—you did it! In spite of some racially insensitive comments and “Can I touch your hair?” queries during February, you survived another tumultuous year as a Privileged American Man (I know, I know—I’m surprised, too). Sure, you lost a few friends and family members along the way, but such is life in a post-Rachel Dolezal World. Fortunately, Stanley, the black kid who lives two doors down, is still mostly cordial with you. Thus, to reward his continued friendship despite your continued ignorance, you’ve decided to be a pal and gift him some “pretty super stuff” (your words, not his). As the ancestors say: One man’s white guilt is another man’s good fortune.