Gawker 2010: By the Numbers

Remy Stern · 01/04/11 04:10PM

What were our most popular stories in 2010? How many people visited Gawker from India last year? Did 115,000 people really type "Anderson Cooper boyfriend" into Google and end up here? (Yes.) The Gawker 2010 number-crunching is complete.

Gawker's Year in Review 2010

Gawker Staff · 12/31/10 04:54PM

Well, that's it from us for 2010. If you want to read about our favorite books, music, movies, TV, rumors, feuds, scandals, and stories, this is the place to do it. We'll be back tomorrow—Happy New Year, everyone!

And Now They're Dead: People We Lost in 2010

Max Read · 12/31/10 02:15PM

Saying goodbye sucks, and 2010 was a sucky year. Here's a gallery of some of the people who died this year—from Elizabeth Edwards to J.D. Salinger to Alexander McQueen.

The Best Things We Read in 2010

Gawker Staff · 12/31/10 10:38AM

While most of our lives are devoted to the watching and hearing of things, occasionally, yes, we do read a thing or two. Here are our choices for our favorite reads of the year, books or otherwise.

Our Favorite Music of 2010

Max Read · 12/30/10 12:32PM

There was a lot of music released in 2010! Obviously, none of it was as good as music was when you were in high school. But some of it came close! Here are 15 of our favorite songs of 2010.

The Year's Best Media Scandals

Hamilton Nolan · 12/29/10 12:18PM

When the media becomes the news, everyone is entertained. Media scandals are the best scandals of all, for their enjoyable mix of forced professionalism and palpable discomfort. Come; let us look back at the year's ten best.

Tech's Winners and Losers of 2010

Ryan Tate · 12/28/10 01:00PM

Technology seemed especially relevant in 2010, what with The Social Network's blockbuster receipts and mass mania for Apple's iPad and iPhone 4. The newfound attention helped turned some techies into genuine stars — while lending others real worldwide infamy.

Our Favorite TV of 2010

Richard Lawson & Brian Moylan · 12/27/10 02:30PM

If you're anything like us, you watch a lot of television, and if you're anything like us you have serious opinions about the things you've watched on TV. Here are the ones we loved (and a couple we hated).

Our Favorite Movies of 2010

Richard Lawson & Brian Moylan · 12/27/10 11:53AM

It's the end of the year, which means it's time for best of the year lists! Here Gawker entertainment writers Richard Lawson and Brian Moylan weigh in on the best movies they saw in 2010.