How Your Privacy Will Be Invaded in 2012

Ryan Tate · 12/29/11 05:30PM

In 2011, we watched as tech villains found creative new ways to violate our privacy. They misappropriated our social networking profiles, stalked us through our phones, and plucked secrets from our wifi networks. To help you better prepare for 2012's inevitable privacy attacks, we enumerate below the most worrisome threats you should monitor in the coming year.

Gawker 2010: By the Numbers

Remy Stern · 01/04/11 04:10PM

What were our most popular stories in 2010? How many people visited Gawker from India last year? Did 115,000 people really type "Anderson Cooper boyfriend" into Google and end up here? (Yes.) The Gawker 2010 number-crunching is complete.

The Soup Names The Top 5 Clips of the Year

Whitney Jefferson · 01/03/11 01:05PM

While the rest of us forgot that television programming really existed over the past few weeks, The Soup was busy with their annual Clipdown of the year's best moments in television. The clip of the year? Here's a hint: Dunka-doo-balls!

Gawker's Year in Review 2010

Gawker Staff · 12/31/10 04:54PM

Well, that's it from us for 2010. If you want to read about our favorite books, music, movies, TV, rumors, feuds, scandals, and stories, this is the place to do it. We'll be back tomorrow—Happy New Year, everyone!

And Now They're Dead: People We Lost in 2010

Max Read · 12/31/10 02:15PM

Saying goodbye sucks, and 2010 was a sucky year. Here's a gallery of some of the people who died this year—from Elizabeth Edwards to J.D. Salinger to Alexander McQueen.

2011 Will Be the Mecca of Fun!

Hamilton Nolan · 12/30/10 03:30PM

The Way We Live Now: looking back wistfully at the glorious year past, standing astride the river of commerce, one foot on the solid bank of triumphal economic revival, the other on the muddy bank of economic recession. Dancing!

The Year's Best Media Scandals

Hamilton Nolan · 12/29/10 12:18PM

When the media becomes the news, everyone is entertained. Media scandals are the best scandals of all, for their enjoyable mix of forced professionalism and palpable discomfort. Come; let us look back at the year's ten best.

The Year in Wins

Christopher Han · 12/27/10 03:00PM

And now, the year in wins. Successful feats captured on tape. The diamonds found in the internet rough of fail.

Watch 270 Films From 2010 in Six Minutes

Whitney Jefferson · 12/14/10 12:18PM

YouTube user Gen has released this end-of-the-year megamix of 270 different movies that were released over the past year. How many films do you recognize from the montage and how many did you actually see this year?

All the Movies of 2010 in One Handy Montage

Richard Lawson · 12/14/10 12:12PM

Well, 270 of the movies of 2010, at least. This expertly cut montage is today's example of time well wasted. Watch it! And can you name all 270 movies? (We sincerely hope, for your sake, that you cannot.) [via Videogum]

The Top 100 Videos of 2010 in 170 Seconds

Sarah Natochenny · 12/10/10 12:35PM

Between pranks, sports, tech, video games, singing, dancing, and television, there was a lot to choose from this year! Here are the Top 100 videos that became famous on the web in 2010—all in under three minutes.