A Treasury of Terrifying Hyperbole by Dick Cheney

Pareene · 12/30/09 12:50PM

America's most hated political figure, former Vice President Dick Cheney, has inserted himself into the news again. He said something about Obama, and terror. That has been a wonderful 2009 trend, reporting on what Cheney mumbles.

Celebrity Sock Puppet Theatre's Year in Review

Whitney Jefferson · 12/29/09 11:39AM

This year-end countdown is different in that it's strictly composed of sock puppets acting out ridiculous celebrity moments. There's a tiny part of you that wants to see sock puppet Chris Brown beat up a sock puppet Rihanna, right?

All of 2009’s Cinematic Achievements in 7 Minutes

Whitney Jefferson · 12/28/09 12:46PM

One YouTube user crammed 342 movies—an entire year's worth— into a seven-minute-long video. He's made a list of all the films included and after a quick check, looks legitimate. So glad that some people still don't have jobs!