"Most of the damage happened after I passed out"

Joshua Stein · 01/02/08 03:48AM

On December 31st, Tracie Egan aka SlutMachine, a Jezebel writer and very well put-together woman (see photograph), hosted a party at her house. She even held a contest to be her date. We didn't go but apparently we missed some serious partying because today we got a very angry email/blog post. from her in which the phrase "passed out" "puked" and "Paypal" appear numerous times. Apparently her house is a mess. There's glitter on the floor, wine on the walls and a tampon on the couch. She needs help ($$$) cleaning up. As far as post-bacchanal pleas for renumeration go, this is tops and surely will be used as a template for other disgruntled party-throwers who happened to puke and pass out before someone spilled wine on their signed Dolly Parton poster. Now Egan is out $450, there's a hole in her wall and her "ass is really fucked up." Full tirade/plea/amazing artifact of our generation after the jump.