Kristin Davis Is a Star Again

Richard Lawson · 10/05/11 05:15PM

Charlotte York MacDougal Goldenblatt herself has the lead in a new TV movie. Also today: The Biggest Loseer loses, 2 Broke Girls are rich, Julia Stiles gets a plum role, and Lizzy Caplan shows up.

CBS Sitcoms Will Never Be Defeated

Richard Lawson · 09/27/11 02:47PM

Last night was the second episode of Ashton Kutcher's run on Two and a Half Men, and while it was down from last week's boffo debut, it wasn't down that much.

The Only Word Uttered on Whitney Is 'OK'

Brian Moylan · 09/23/11 05:21PM

OK, so who checked out NBC's new dud Whitney last night? It stars comedian Whitney Cummings as a wacky girl with a wacky boyfriend and they do wacky things. Like what kind of things? Well, like using the word "OK" incessantly. Yeah, that's wacky.

2 Broke Girls: A Great Show Trapped in a Sitcom's Body

Brian Moylan · 09/20/11 11:07AM

I'll admit, I tuned into CBS' new comedy 2 Broke Girls last night with much trepidation. Here is a show about two mismatched waitresses in a Williamsburg Diner—on CBS. It had the potential to do everything wrong. Surprisingly I was won over, but it's still doing everything wrong.

The Gawker Guide to Fall Television

Brian Moylan · 09/01/11 12:06PM

The days will soon get shorter, the weather will get colder, and you'll soon have actual things to do at your job now. The end of summer sucks, doesn't it? But at least there's going to be all sorts of new stuff on television! Let's look at everything that will give us a glimmer of hope this fall.