Plunge Into the '80s/'90s Snapshot Glory of Internet K-Hole

Ken Layne · 01/08/14 02:23PM

The past does not become the past until we look at the old pictures in the present. Only then do we realize how weird everything was, especially in the shoddy 1980s, right when we thought The Future had arrived, what with the music videos and personal computers and scrambled soft-porn movies delivered directly to our parents' house via cable. America's only perfect website, Internet K-Hole (which has occasional/ridiculous nudity) is a functioning time machine. Use it.

Estelle Getty Gets Physical

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 03/25/10 10:45AM

Just when you thought Milton Berle had cornered the market on senior citizen workouts, Estelle Getty, The Golden Girls' brashest broad, shows her flair for fitness. Watching her squat thrust becomes even weirder when she starts her geriatric sex talk.

The Marky Mark Workout: Remembrance of Abs Past

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 02/03/10 11:45AM

Mark Wahlberg wants you to forget his rapping underwear salesman days, but this workout video denies that possibility. Try as he might, the public can never forget that beautiful Bostonian, his life of Good Vibrations and "fly honeys". Pow!

Dead Magazines By The Decade: The 1990s

Maggie · 02/05/08 02:55PM

The 1990s gave us a war in Iraq, a trial starring O.J. Simpson, and an overdose of Bill Clinton in the media. My, how things have changed! Well, sort of. Magazines are still dying off like nobody's business. After the jump, a gallery of the past year's casualties as well as victims from the dot-com era. Give us your predictions for 2008's likely fatalities-we'll post your nominations and rub your belly if you end up being right.