Plunge Into the '80s/'90s Snapshot Glory of Internet K-Hole

Ken Layne · 01/08/14 02:23PM

The past does not become the past until we look at the old pictures in the present. Only then do we realize how weird everything was, especially in the shoddy 1980s, right when we thought The Future had arrived, what with the music videos and personal computers and scrambled soft-porn movies delivered directly to our parents' house via cable. America's only perfect website, Internet K-Hole (which has occasional/ridiculous nudity) is a functioning time machine. Use it.

15 Photos (and Two Videos) from the Gritty 1980s New York of Ed Koch

Max Read · 02/01/13 04:53PM

Ed Koch, who died this morning at 88, was the the only mayor New York City had during its legendarily gritty 1980s, and while his death comes far too late to be the end of an era, it serves as another reminder of how different the city was during his tenure.

Bill Murray Rages Against the Machine

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 05/12/10 10:45AM

Bill Murray takes on technology in a rant filmed in multiple takes for a television promo in 1982. No facet of the futurescape goes without notice, as the comedy master bemoans everything he can with equal displeasure.

Ginger Will Help You Descramble Your Late-Night Adult Programs

Elaine Moran · 04/21/10 12:42PM

Ginger from American EXXXtasy is here, in her biker cap and overalls sans undershirt, to explain to you how you can descramble such films as "New Wave Hookers" and "Sex Crimes 2084." Who could resist her permed glory?

You Must Jazzercise... for Your LIFE

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 04/15/10 10:45AM

Jazzercise founder Judy Sheppard Missett gets intense about her workout, bouncing her "boogie body" as shouts frantically in time. Jazz-handing and shrieking positive reinforcement like a manic banshee, she is terrifying and wonderful—a real-life Kristen Wiig character.

Mo' Duck Money, Mo' Duck Problems

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 04/13/10 10:45AM

In a reimagined Duck Tales intro, the Beagle Boys enact sexually charged violence against Webby Vanderquack in a ransom plot designed only to replenish the sadistic Scrooge McDuck's money swimming pool. Why Disney never developed the storyline is a mystery.

Saturday Shorts: Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 04/10/10 02:00PM

Tailgating before a Judas Priest concert, a motley crew of mostly shirtless mid-Atlantic metalheads unites to drink, and yell, and throw the sign of the horns—worshiping the devil music; achieving ecstasy just hanging out.

Bros, Beaches, Boards, and Bazookas

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 03/31/10 10:45AM

This scene from the cheesy 80s cult classic, Hard Ticket to Hawaii, is one of the most bizarrely entertaining deaths in movie history. When a skateboarding, blow-up doll wielding assassin attacks, there's only one weapon fit for retaliation: a bazooka.

The Humpty Dumpty Horror

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 03/19/10 10:45AM

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty spouted gibberish, twisted his horrible visage, and killed himself. This Kinder Surprise commercial was banned when children found the freakish version of the nursery rhyme hero too terrifying for broadcast television. Wabadoobie!

How Obama Became a Radical

Ryan Tate · 01/09/09 05:09AM

Oh, look, it's a self-described 1980s radical casually explaining how he turned our president-elect into a Black Panther who got, uh, "open minded" at "jazz concerts," hint hint.