190 Bowery Isn't for Sale Again After All

Andy Cush · 07/14/15 03:58PM

Are you a multi-millionaire real estate developer looking for a large mixed-use property that is chic yet gritty, gritty yet stylish, stylish yet authentic, authentic yet upscale, upscale yet downtown, downtown yet as expensive as anything uptown, as expensive as anything uptown yet appealingly sketchy-looking? I’ve got just the building for you.

Manhattan's Strangest Building Opened Its Doors to Fancy Art Snobs Only

Andy Cush · 05/18/15 11:13AM

By about 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, throngs of eager New Yorkers were assembled outside 190 Bowery, hoping for access to a just-announced art show inside the 150-year-old former bank building. First Show / Last Show was celebrated as a chance for the public to see inside 190—which has been mostly inaccessible for decades—before the arrival of its new tenants. Not many people got in.

The Old Bowery Is Dead, But at Least We Get to Keep the Graffiti

Andy Cush · 04/23/15 11:42AM

One ninety Bowery, a grimy old New York City building that sits literally at the intersection of Bowery and Spring Street, has found a chief tenant: a consortium of “luxury and fashion image-making” companies that, according to its CEO, sits “literally at the intersection of chic and gritty.” Literally a perfect match.

Downtown Manhattan's Weirdest Building Sold for $55 Million

Andy Cush · 02/06/15 05:26PM

Jay Maisel is suddenly a very rich man. In what the New York Daily News is calling "one of the greatest returns on investment in the history of New York City real estate," the photographer who owns and inhabits the hulking 72-room building offloaded his home to developer Aby Rosen last year. Now, the selling-price is public: $55 million—539 times more than what Maisel paid when he bought it for $102,000 in 1966. Shed a tear for old New York and read more about the graffiti-covered landmark below.