The Duggars Introduce Their 17 Children to a Dangerously Underpopulated Times Square

Kyle Buchanan · 09/30/08 07:30PM

Where some see New York City's Times Square as a monument to overpopulation, the Duggar family of TLC sees only parents who aren't trying hard enough. On last night's premiere of 17 and Counting, the Duggar parents and their brood of 17 children (not counting number 18, currently nestled in the ransacked waiting room of his mother's belly) visited Manhattan, and like the Muppets before them, they caused a sensation! As the Duggars shielded their children's eyes from the more lascivious images flitting across Times Square's plasma screens, the NYC residents around them felt their freakshow radar go off and swarmed the family for pictures. For the Duggars, it was a staggering display of their newfound celebrity — so who could blame them for accidentally losing two children to the crowds, replacing them with a midget manning the falafel stand and a friendly cabbie named "Mohammed"? [TLC]