Last May, Taco Bell announced that it was taking tacos too far with the creation of waffle tacos, which would be available at just five Southern California locations as part of a test run. Good news for those in Southern California, bad news for everyone else. Until Tuesday, when the fast food chain said they were expanding the waffle tacos' test run to at least 100 other stores.

On Thursday, the new tacos will be available at locations in Fresno, Omaha, and Chattanooga.

“You only get one shot when you go with big items,” Taco Bell president Brian Niccol said.

The waffle tacos were the best-selling breakfast items at the five Taco Bell restaurants where they were sold this summer. The breakfast tacos are filled with eggs and sausage and then wrapped with a waffle, which has been folded into the shape of a taco shell. As Gawker's Caity Weaver described them in May:

It's a taco in the sense that a loose leaf binder full of papers is a taco. It's a taco in the sense that your cupped palm holding a marble is a taco.

But still, they sound better than the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos tacos.

And in related news: obesity rates are dropping among poor children, probably because they're not eating enough waffle tacos stuffed with sausage.

[Image via AP]

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