Despite decades of devotion to low-quality garbage food, today's Americans think they're "too good" for a "fast food" restaurant. You wouldn't be caught dead in a "Taco Bell?" How about this rebranded fancy Taco Bell, though?

Just weeks ago, we learned that the good folks at the KFC-owning YUM Corporation are launching a knockoff chicken restaurant to take on Chick-fil-A—one that, haha, is definitely not KFC, no, why do you ask? And now, Maureen Morrison at Ad Age reports that those very same fine folks at the YUM Corporation—also the owners of Taco Bell, btw—are launching a knockoff taco restaurant ("U.S. Taco Co," neat) to take on Chipotle. Is this, like, a Taco Bell? What? No, not at all! This place offers "logo art reminiscient of Day of the Dead sugar skulls!"

Offerings include spins on various regional American food such as a taco inspired by a Philly cheesesteak called Brotherly Love, or one inspired by Southern fried chicken called Winner Winner. Mr. Jenkins said that he hopes the food will lend itself to Instagram photography — something that Taco Bell's social media teams has focused heavily on lately.

Customers can rest assured that this rebranded upscale offering of Taco Bell's garbage food will not impact the ubiquitous availability of Taco Bell's normal garbage food.

[Photo: FB]