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T. Boone Pickens, the billionaire oil man, is 87 years old. T. Boone Pickens announced this week that he is supporting Donald Trump for president. Death looms in front of us all.

Why does T. Boone Pickens support Donald Trump for president? Besides the fact that he is morally repugnant—don’t let the environmentalist stuff fool you, he funded those Swift Boat Veterans For Truth ads and supports Trump’s Muslim ban plan—there is the fact that he is 87 years old, and likely to die soon. If supporting Trump for president turns out to be a catastrophic mistake, T. Boone Pickens might not be around to see it. From the Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Pickens acknowledged that Mr. Trump is not without his flaws. “I’ll tell you, Donald always overestimates how successful he is,” he said.

“No shit,” Mr. Zell responded.

And should a Trump presidency not work out, Mr. Pickens said he isn’t overly concerned.

“I’m ready to take a chance on it,” the 87-year-old said. “And just in case it’s a mistake, [I’ll] be gone.”

Our small, sad lives are bracketed by darkness on either side. Our Earthly foibles are cosmic sitcom jokes for an audience of no one. Piped-in laughter rattles into the emptiness of space and immediately dies, unheard and unnoticed. Chaos and entropy reign forever. Donald J. Trump for president.

h/t Mother Jones