Yesterday afternoon, Sylvester Stallone turned up at New York Comic-Con, partly to promote his upcoming film, Escape Plan, and partly to sell a tiny fragment of his existence for a steep fee. A very steep fee: $395 an autograph, $445 a photo.

"He's flying here straight from Bulgaria," a woman selling tickets for Stallone's signature Saturday afternoon kindly explained. "This is a very limited opportunity." At 3:30 pm, she said there were only 20 tickets left unsold, though she couldn't say out of how many had been available.

Stallone's appearance was orchestrated by Celebrity Authentics, a memorabilia company that also brought Sigourney Weaver and Carrie-reboot star Chloë Grace Moretz to the convention. A breakdown of Stallone's fees:

Meanwhile, an in-person moment with Alien icon Sigourney Weaver cost less than half of that.

David Duchovny's signature was $80; a photo with him was $95.

Gillian Anderson's signature was $60, but it would cost you an additional $20 if you wanted her to scribble something for your cat.

By contrast, a sampling of what other nerd-friendly luminaries charged:

Pokemon voice actress Veronica Taylor, $10
True Blood's Kristin Bauer, $30
Andrew McCarthy, $40
Joel Grey, $40
Anthony Daniels, C-3PO, $50
William Shatner, $75
Patrick Stewart, $75

As for photos, here's a price list of the talent booked by Comic Con:

TMZ has snapshots of some of the lovely people who paid to take photos with Stallone.

[Top photo from San Diego Comic-Con 2013 via Getty Images, the rest via me]

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