When two men, armed with one machete between them, ran into a Pittsburgh mini-mart Friday night with the intention of robbing it, they weren’t counting on the store owner having his own sword. And unfortunately for them, his was much, much bigger.

“One of the men pulled out a foot-long machete and demanded money, but the store owner pulled out his own, bigger sword and chased the duo out of the store,” NBC Philadelphia reports. “Police told WPXI that the would-be robbers didn’t get away with anything, and that one even dropped T-shirts he was trying to steal as he ran out the door.”

The store owner’s brother, M.C. Hydare, told WPXI that when his brother “hit the sword that the dude had in his hand—my brother hit the sword—he ran away.”

“Please stay away,” Hydare added as a message to the robbers,”Go and find work somewhere.”

Probably not work involving swords, though. You don’t have the guts for it.

[h/t Uproxx]