A woman who lifted up a tarp inside a church in southern Sweden was shocked to discover a stash of plastic IKEA bags filled with human bones, The Local reports.

"There were loads of skulls and bones stuffed into Ikea bags. I counted up to 80," said Kicki Karlén of Kläckeberga, who wrote up her gruesome discovery on her blog.

She was furious to discover the bones had been sitting there since 2009, when they were pulled from under the floorboards during a remodel to install a wheelchair access ramp.

"Our mission was to document and rebury the bones, which may be as much as 500 years old. But the reburial was delayed and I have no idea why," archaeologist Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay, who worked on the excavation five years ago, told the Local.

Papmehl-Dufay said he didn't know anything about the bones being stored in Ikea bags, but in his professional opinion, they "aren't actually that bad. They'd be great for stopping the moulding process. But it can't be that good to have them in the basement for so long."

The skeletons were meant to be reburied shortly after they were first dug up, but the situation became complicated after the county said they couldn't be moved from church grounds.

Apparently, they've been in IKEA purgatory ever since.

[H/T Cooper Fleishman, Photo: Kicki Karlén]