A swarm of unruly and confused honeybees took over a Topshop on Victoria Street in London yesterday afternoon, presumably looking for spring sales or to reassert the ferocity of Wu-Tang Clan. Beekeepers came to divert the bees elsewhere, away from retail.

You are bees! You cannot shop. According to the BBC,

Tony Mann, a trained beekeeper, said the bees were flying around the areas "like scouts." The bees were moved to nearby Westminster Cathedral, where they will be looked after by beekeepers on the church's roof.

The beekeepers had to smoke the bees into a box and were carried away. Apparently, the source of the bee swarm was unknown but a handful of shops in the area have their own hives. So from there? Bees.

Many shoppers were trapped inside the Topshop while the situation was being handled. Laura Buckle, a 28-year-old public relations worker from North London, told The Standard:

"All of a sudden there were thousands and thousands of bees flying around. You could hardly see the sky because there were so many."

Just like you'd expect, the end of days begins Topshop.

[Images via The London Evening Standard]