A police department got a lucky break earlier this week when an accused criminal accidentally shared the department's Facebook post about his status as a fugitive. Police arrested the man less than an hour later.

Police in Freeland, Pennsylvania have been looking for Anthony James Lescowitch since July 14, when he allegedly committed several crimes, including aggravated assault. On Monday night, the police department posted the following message to their Facebook page:

For reasons that aren't clear, Lescowitch then shared the status, which the department immediately noticed. From USA Today:

An officer pretending to be an attractive woman then messaged Lescowitch, according to police. Lescowitch refused the offer of a drink but eventually agreed to meet for a cigarette, and was arrested at the agreed-upon location.

Not long after the arrest, the Freeland Police Department updated their status.

As of Tuesday, Lescowitch remained in jail. He faces a preliminary hearing Jan. 29 on charges including aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.

[via Uproxx]