Just hours after the official death toll passed 1,000, rescue workers could be heard cheering at the site of April's horrific garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. Something amazing had happened: A survivor, who'd survived 17 harrowing days trapped under rubble, had been found and rescued.

Reshma Begum, the garment factory seamstress pulled from the wreckage to the prayers and applause of her rescuers and bystanders, is reportedly in good condition. She'd survived her ordeal by breathing through a metal pipe and "scavenging for biscuits in the rucksacks of dead colleagues"; today, an Army sergeant named Abdur Razzaq told the Wall Street Journal, she was finally found thanks to the noise she was making hitting the pipe on concrete:

"I heard the sound and rushed towards the spot. I knelt down and heard a faint voice. 'Sir, please help me,' she cried," he said in an interview.

All told, Begum spent 408 hours trapped under the debris of the factory in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. She's now in the hospital, and Rescuers are searching in the area near where she was found for more survivors. The death toll in the collapse, the worst in a string of bad industrial accidents that have hit the Bangladesh garment industry—the world's cheapest—now stands at 1,050.