Justice Breyer, get it together, man!

The Clinton-appointee fell off his bicycle yesterday near the Korean War Veterans Memorial in D.C., and had to be taken to the hospital. He underwent "reverse shoulder replacement surgery," which just sounds awful, and is now in recovery.

This is the third major bicycle accident for the 74-year-old Breyer. It follows a 2011 incident where Breyer fell off his bicycle near his home in Cambridge, Mass., resulting in a broken collarbone, and that was preceded by a 1993 accident where the bike-maniac Justice punctured a lung and broke ribs after getting hit by a car while riding his bike across Harvard Square.

Breyer — who just won't stay down and doesn't know the meaning of "quit" — is right now deliberating on cases that will possibly offer opinions on gay marriage and affirmative action.

Justice Breyer is also deliberating on maybe getting a recumbent bike because they're a little safer, but man, those just look so uncool, and plus he's seen Thomas riding one too, so now it's just not even an option.