A five-sentence order issued by the Supreme Court today ensured that Texas's abortion clinics can stay open—for the time being.

The order vacated part of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling issued earlier this month that would have forced most of the abortion clinics in Texas to shut down.

The court is currently considering the validity of a Texas law that, if ultimately upheld, would require abortion clinics to meet "ambulatory surgical center" standards and employ only doctors who have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. The required upgrades would reportedly cost millions of dollars for clinics to install.

The appeals court ruled on Oct. 2 that state officials could begin effecting the stringent—and costly—requirements while the appeal proceeded, effectively shutting down 13 of Texas's 18 clinics while litigation was still ongoing.

But Tuesday the Supreme Court rolled its eyes and told Texas officials to slow their roll, invalidating both the surgical center standards and admitting privileges requirements until the New Orleans-based appeals court has made a final decision on the law's overall constitutionality.

[image via AP]