As Marx famously said, "the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of struggles between superheroes and clowns."

Phoenix Jones is an idiot weirdo from Seattle who dresses up in a superhero costume and gets his nose broken. Last year he spent May Day pepper-spraying protestors outside city hall, because that's what Batman would've done (superhero? More like superstructure! Or something); this year, he took to the streets of Seattle during the city's May Day protests, ready to beat some anarchist face. At 5th and Jackson, he met his match:

While Jones was fighting clowns, real-life real-life superheroes in Washington, D.C. were drenching racists in piss. CNN reports that the May Day Workers and the White Student Union got in a tussle and "threw bags of urine and flag poles at each other":

"We were here to protest communism and to stand up for the blue collar working class. And then I got urine thrown on me," said Matthew Heimbach, president of the White Student Union. "So it shows really how tolerant these people are."

In Seattle, cops ended up arresting 17 people. Jones got "a kinda fat lip." The struggle continues.

[image via @jlokseattle]