You, the American consumer, are much like a mildly sedated monkey: passive; easily distracted; focused upon only the most superficial occurrences. A clothing corporation celebrates these traits in a new advertisement that will certainly catch your attention, you shallow monkey.

Look at this pretty lady. This pretty lady is in an empty room. This pretty lady is kicking and punching the heavy bag as words are projected on the walls behind her. What are the words? They are words that you, the consumer, voluntarily and without compensation wrote on a public online publishing platform. Words about the pretty lady. The pretty lady you do not know, and who certainly does not know you. When you, the consumer, heard that the company was going to put the pretty lady in its advertisements, you went and wrote all of these words, for free. Look at them all, up there on the walls. Some of the words are positive. Some of the words are negative. Some of you think that the pretty lady should be in the advertisement. Others think that the pretty lady should just be pretty, without being in the advertisement. The company took all of the words you wrote and put them up on the wall behind the pretty lady. Meanwhile, the pretty lady just keeps hitting that bag. After a while, the company puts its slogan up on the screen. It is designed to be an inspirational slogan. It is designed to drive home the point that the pretty lady did not care about all of the mean things you wrote about her. She just kept hitting that bag, for money.

The company's advertisement says: you idiots. You docile, shallow sheep. We, a private corporation, are trying to sell you our products so that we can get rich. We barely even have to try. All we have to do is announce that we are going to use this pretty lady in our advertisements. Then—even though it concerns the day to day reality of your life not at all—all of you will write your opinions about this fact, on a public platform. We do not care if your opinion is positive, or negative. We will take all of your opinions and put them in our advertisement, as if to say: We, the company, and the rich pretty lady that we hired, will continue to triumph over you, the idiot consumer, beating and beating you down with our marketing messages in much the same way that the pretty lady is beating on this bag. You, sheep that you are, will beg for more, while buying our products. We will win. You will not win. You might think, incorrectly, that you are winning. You are not. We are the predators. You are the prey. And you walk into our jaws, voluntarily.

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