Watch enough Hollywood movies and you'll get the impression that L.A. is all car chases, skater bros and reality TV stars. Turn on CNN, however, and you'll see that it's all gloriously true.

On Monday, Los Angeles police chased an alleged car thief at speeds reaching 90 mph before the suspect crashed, fleeing the scene on an unlikely getaway vehicle-getaway vehicle: a totally steezin' longboard.

Unfortunately for him, this proved to be a less than ideal mode of escape, and after a few pushes the suspect continued on foot—just in time to meet the chase's celebrity cameo, Luis "Lou" Pizarro.

Pizarro, the former star of truTV's Operation Repo, happened to be on the scene and cut off the suspect with his truck, enabling pursuing officers to catch him.

"It was just instinct just to block the guy off, slow him down a little bit," Pizarro told KABC-TV. "That's all I could do."

[Image via CNN//h/t Cheezburger]