Stoop shrimp: When you got some shrimp and you put it on the stoop and it’s hot outside and then the shrimp is cooked. Serve it up: Time for some stoop shrimp! You’re gonna love it. I know you will.

That is unless you’re Vinny V., a resident of Brooklyn neighborhood Dyker Heights who captured photograph evidence of some stoop shrimp grilling in the wild last month. He submitted this angry claim to the Brooklyn Daily:

“I thought, ‘Man, that’s dirty if somebody’s gonna eat that,’ ” said Vinny V., who lives nearby on 74th Street and asked that his last name not be published for personal reasons. “What if a dog comes by and pees on it?”

Vinny wasn’t convinced residents were actually cooking the shellfish — rather than just defrosting them — until he returned to the block later that day.

“We came back and the shrimp were on the sidewalk,” he said. “They were following the sun with the shrimp.”

When a reporter for the Daily went to find out whether anyone at the residence knew about the elusive stoop shrimp sighting nearly a month after it happened, a woman “said she did not know anything.” But Vinny V. claimed he saw the same woman at the end of that hot summer day packing up the stoop shrimp, one presumes for a big fun party:

“We saw the woman come out and put them into a basket,” Vinny V. said. “That’s hopefully the first and last time I see someone try to cook shrimp on a sidewalk.”

Regardless, is stoop shrimp the most beautiful phrase in the English language since “cellar door”? All signs point to yes.

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