After a year-long war to get Subway to acknowledge the cockroach he found in his sandwich, Patrick Balfour has started buying ads on Twitter to get the restaurant chain's attention.

Since he first complained to customer service 11 months ago about the footlong turkey-and-roach, all of the Toronto resident's communications on Twitter and by phone have been rejected because he didn't have a photo of the sandwich.

Turns out he threw it away pretty quickly once he saw the extra topping.

Balfour gave up for a while, but when he noticed Subway Canada's new ad campaign on Twitter, he decided to fight promoted tweets with promoted tweets. He dropped $90 to spread this message to a wider audience:

"I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to tell a story that they should want to hear," he told the Daily Dot. "I don't want money, I don't want subs. All I know is that the way they currently use social media is not doing them any favors."

Subway Canada hasn't commented on the situation, but it does want to know whether you started the week on a #fresh note. Hashtag eatfresh.

[H/T: Daily Dot, Photo Credit: swruler9284/Flickr]