You'd think that, with the recent rash of news stories covering fast food employees getting canned for posting photos of themselves mishandling food to their social media accounts, other restaurant industry workers would arrive at the conclusion that following in their footsteps would be a bad move on their part.

And they have: Rather than following in the footsteps of the taco-licker and the Frosty-felcher, two Subway employees have decided to out-gross their predecessors.

In a pair of photos recently posted to Instagram, the two "Sandwich Artists" currently employed at the Tuttle Mall store in Dublin, Ohio, take health violations to a disturbing new level.

One of the photos shows a person placing his genitals on Subway's familiar bread loaf; the other shows a bottle of urine which was allegedly frozen "at work."

According to Huffington Post's Weird News blog, both of the photos, since deleted, were posted by Subway employee Cameron Boggs.

The individual reportedly responsible for the penis pic is Boggs' colleague, Ian Jett.

HuffPost spoke with Jett, who claimed the photo was taken at his house, not at the restaurant.

"This isn't something I'd ever do at Subway. It was totally a joke," he told the site.

No word from Jett on why he has a red Subway baking pan and a metallic food prep counter in his home, nor why he felt the need to put his penis on a loaf of bread in the first place.

Subway has yet to respond to this latest fiasco, though it's safe to assume Boggs and Jett are not long for their jobs.

UPDATE: In a recently released statement Subway says it fired Boggs and Jett, and insists their actions are "not representative of Subway Sandwich Artists."

[photos via Huffington Post]