A substitute art teacher in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania gave the best D.A.R.E. presentation ever this week. Christopher Chiapetta, 26, did some heroin around 6 a.m. Wednesday morning before showing up to work. Around noon, he passed out in front of 11 students while teaching.

The school resource police officer, Sgt. Mike Hudson, was walking the hallways of Bellevue Middle / Senior High when he noticed something in Chiapetta's classroom was “off.” This was after Chiapetta had just taken a "ten-minute break" and asked another teacher to briefly watch the class. When school administrators finally managed to wake Chiapetta, he denied being under the influence. He only confessed when police found four baggies of heroin in his pocket and marijuana in his car.

Like any good educator, Sgt. Hudson is encouraging students to make the most out of the awful “teaching moment”:

“Unfortunately, it was a very realistic show and tell where you can preach the message to students, but they got to see live, firsthand the effects of a drug addiction problem.”

Chiapetta faces multiple drug and child endangerment charges.

[Screenshot via KDKA 2]