Buried in the midst of WWD's fawning profile of Jennifer Aniston's hair care line, hidden like the Where's Waldo of interesting 90's facts, is stylist Chris McMillan's assertation that he was totally, totally high when he created the Rachel.

"I’m 14 years sober, so I feel safe enough to say that,” McMillan told WWD.

Though McMillan's internal statute of limitations has clearly ended, we're left with more questions than answers. High on what? Was he hallucinating? Did he imagine her hair was coming to kill him and attacked it with a pair of scissors? (For what it's worth, Aniston called it "the ugliest haircut" she'd ever seen.)

But WWD doesn't appear to have followed up on the question — the article continues with Aniston bemoaning her "wavy, frizzy hair" — so the world may never know what exactly McMillan smoked, or whether Aniston is now smoking it.

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