Rolling coffee up into "caffeine sticks" and smoking it is a hot new trend, and it's turning America's teens into "bean-heads," according to one specious local news report.

According to Las Vegas ABC affiliate KTNV and one unnamed, seemingly random old man they interviewed, coffee-smoking is "going viral" with teens, who learn how to do it from websites that apparently popping up like weeds.

Shockingly—shockingly!—some of the top search results for ways to build a makeshift coffee crack pipe are obvious satire.

But teens smoke the darndest things, so it's also not surprising that some of them are actually doing this.

As far its "viral" trendiness and risk to our precious youth, though, that seems to be entirely overblown. It's not new—one redditor tried it as far back as 2011, and there's no way he was the first—and there's also no evidence it's gotten any more popular of late.

However, caffeine overdose—which it's not clear you could achieve from smoking coffee—is serious business, with side effects including breathing trouble, hallucinations, and convulsions.

[H/T: Brobible, Photo Credit: Porkulent]