According to a newly released decades-long study of thousands of Americans found that people who qualify as heavy drinkers... well, it said something about them, I'm fairly sure of that.

It was... ah yes. Here it is. The Wall Street Journal reports that researchers followed thousands of Americans, for decades. What did they find? Well, let me check here.... Okay. So the people that were "heavy drinkers" at some point, well, they found out that later, down the road... something. They had more fun? Haha, good guess! Is it true? Maybe! Let's check here... ah, no. Okay. They had way more memory problems, down the road.

"Does it matter if you were a heavy drinker in your 20s as opposed to your 40s? We can't tell from this study," said Iain Lang, the lead author. "That's important to look at in future research."

Does it matter, if you were a heavy drinker if your 20s? Who knows? Could there be problems, down the road? Health issues—even mental issues? Memory problems? We may never know. There's never been any research in this field, to my knowledge. One thing we can say for sure is that you are "rolling the dice" with your health, heavily drinking. Or might it be good for you? Could heavy drinking turn out to improve your health, somehow? We may never know, until science tackles this question "head-on." What did or did not happen in the past, with regards to drinking? We may never know.

What day is it.

(Warning: joke embedded above ;))

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