Hey, what are you afraid of? If it's cockroaches, carry on with your life and don't come back here. This isn't the place for you. SCRAM.

All you people who made it, here is what you need to know. In a new study performed at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, it was discovered that cockroaches display distinct personality traits, which could contribute to cockroaches' abilities to survive in and adapt to inhospitable surroundings. The study found that roaches have excellent decision-making abilities, which could be inspired by their different personality traits. Yes, a living nightmare, via Reuters:

The tests were carried out over a period of three months, with 16 cockroaches for each trial released in a round arena beneath a bright light. In the middle of that arena were two round "shelters" that provided shade for the dark-loving insects. After being released, the insects were left alone for three hours during which their locations were recorded by a camera and a small chip placed on each roach's back. These chips transmitted their location to a nearby computer where researchers could monitor whether or not they were venturing out into the open light or hiding under a shelter. The experiment was then repeated twice more at later dates.

The study revealed that the cockroaches wouldn't necessarily flee to shelters like researchers expected, but instead took unpredictable intervals of time to seek out shelter, which researchers attributed to individual personality traits within the cockroaches, like braveness or shyness. The shyer cockroaches were more likely to wait and see what their friends did before venturing toward shelter. Issac Planas, a researcher in the experiment, told Reuters:

"The fact, and we didn't expect it, is that they always reach this consensus," Planas explained. "So we expected that some groups have more trouble than others to resist consensus or to choose a shelter, but at the end, no, they always finished aggregated. So it is something really inside the individuals or in the cockroaches. So that was really, that was amazing."

The cockroach uprising, which can't be far behind the forthcoming octopus revolutionary war, will soon see these bastard bugs talking to each other to plot against humans. It's only a matter of time.

[Image via AP]