It was sadly just a matter of time before Dallas ISD terminated the 21-year-old Spanish teacher whose nude modeling past was fully exposed last week.

Well, according to The Dallas Observer, Cristy Nicole Deweese was officially "let go" last Thursday over the Playboy pictorials she shot years ago.

"I miss the kids so I'm sad about that, but otherwise I'm doing fine," Deweese tweeted on Monday.

Her students, it seems, are also sad about their teacher's untimely departure, and refused to simply stand around with their hands in their pockets.

According to Deweese, a petition circulated in the school has already racked up over 300 signatures.

And a Facebook page called "Support Teacher Cristy Nicole Deweese" has amassed nearly 1,500 likes in just a few days.

But Deweese isn't holding her breath waiting for the school district to come around.

She has since decided to revive her modeling career, writing in her Model Mayhem profile, "I've been modeling since I was 12, quit for a while to pursue teaching and now I'm back."

[screengrab via Playboy]