A Florida high school student who posed for a selfie while his pregnant teacher was experiencing contractions behind him found viral fame this week after his photo was retweeted over 20,000 times.

"Is she really going into labor?!" asked a Twitter follower shortly after Malik Whiter, a junior from Coral Springs, posted the perfect illustration of modern teen culture. "Yeesss lmfao," he responded.

When a local news station asked the student what was going through his head, he told them he thought she was a "great teacher" and simply "wanted to capture the memorable moment for himself and her."

According to Malik, his teacher, Susana Halleck, was on the phone was her mother assuring her that she will be fine.

And, indeed, after a quick trip to the hospital it was determined that Mrs. Halleck wasn't due just yet, and she returned to school the next day.

[photo via Twitter]