Do you have a kid? Is your kid in high school? There's a pretty good chance they're smoking weed at least occasionally — and if they haven't yet, they're likely to try it eventually. You lit up (just once, and didn't even enjoy it that much) back in your day, right?

The impulse to steer your children away from mysterious-sounding stuff like "dabs," "vapes," "Wiz Khalifa," and "Adventure Time" is probably futile, but who wants some pot-addled drughead on their hands? What's a parent to do?

A study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence offers some insight for lamestain olds everywhere. In an effort to find a parenting style that most effectively discourages youths from enjoying weed, booze, and cigarettes, a team of researchers asked kids from six European countries about their home lives, then labeled their parents with one of four types: authoritarian (strict, inflexible), authoritative (firm, willing to reason), indulgent (permissive, emotional), and neglectful (exactly what it sounds like).

According to the results of the study, authoritative and indulgent parents have more luck convincing their kids not partake than those who are neglectful or authoritarian. It makes sense: if you're out and out ignoring you're kids, it's not surprising they'll find their way into pot and booze, and if you rule with an iron fist, they'll eventually want to de-stress and/or rebel.

Lesson learned: reasonable parenting works, and if you really want your kids to abstain, just be cool, man.

[Image via AP]