A Philadelphia-bound U.S. Airways flight had to make an emergency landing in Rome when passengers and crew members began vomiting all over the plane in a scene straight out of your worst nightmare.

Authorities say the Airplane!-esque scene began when a "strange odor" wafted through plane, which took off from Israel's Ben Gurion airport Friday night.

Trapped inside a metal room with the noxious odor and an obviously insufficient ventilation system, passengers and crew members alike began throwing up—prompting a chain reaction of vomit down the aisle.

Eventually fourteen crew members and two passengers became seriously ill, and the flight made an "unscheduled landing" in Rome. According to the AFP, other passengers reported suffering red eyes and nausea.

At least three flight attendants were rushed to a clinic in an ambulance, and the others were later treated at the same clinic and released, NBC reports.

A spokesperson for the airline said maintenance crews are working to discover the source of the odor—which shouldn't be too difficult. It's hardly the first time U.S. Airways has had this problem—in October another crew member had to be hospitalized after succumbing to a "cabin odor" on a domestic flight.

[image via AP]