A California hiker was climbing Mount Goddard in northern Kings Canyon National Park alone when he was stranded on the 13,000-foot mountain with a broken leg. He survived by eating melted snow and bugs.

According to the NY Daily News, a boulder fell on Gregg Hein's leg, breaking it and making him unable to climb back down the mountain. Because he was in an isolated area, he was unable to call for help. And because he wasn't expected to return for two more days, he knew he'd have to wait at least that long before someone noticed he was missing. He spoke to ABC News:

"I entertained the idea of potentially dying a couple of times. I was either going to crawl my way out or someone was going to rescue me."

He explained that he ate crickets and moths and would drink melted snow to survive, before he was finally rescued by a passing helicopter six days later. He spent a week in the hospital and is now healing, telling ABC News that he plans to go on another hike—not alone—once he recovers completely:

"Having those six days of just living with complete intent and purpose is quite refreshing, really. And then, to really be thankful for what you have in your life."

Hmm. Maybe be really thankful that you don't actually have to go on anymore hikes?

[image via Shutterstock]