You can watch the most amazing music video you will see all year here, on Bob Dylan's official website.

That's really all you need to know.

We could tell you that epic angel Bob Dylan completely owned Kanye West on Tuesday by releasing the most incredible video of the year (for a song that is almost half a century old) online the same day West produced a small lump of cold garbage on Ellen.

We could tell you that the interactive video consists of 16 separate videos starring familiar actors and TV personalities lip-synching the lyrics to Dylan's 1965 karaoke classic "Like A Rolling Stone," and that viewers can use their keyboards to flip between these videos seamlessly throughout the duration of the song, so that the opening lines are performed by the guys from Pawn Stars and the song wraps up in the middle of a History Channel special about the Great Depression.

We could tell you that the CEO of Interlude, one of the companies behind the video, told Mashable that more such sub-videos will be added to the current slate of 16, making the overall video—which is already an affront to God as it is more wonderful than any video should ever be—somehow even more wonderful.

But any time your optic nerves might spend transmitting information about the images of those words to your brain would be better spent using them to transmit information (colors, lights, etc.) about Bob Dylan's incredible new music video.

So just watch the video.

Watch the video.

Watch the video.