It all started in the 50-acre park known as Lackie’s Bush in Barrie, Ontario, Canada on Tuesday. It was early evening, barely even six p.m., when two local teens decided to take some drugs.

The teens, one would assume, had been freed from school earlier that afternoon and scored something good. The drugs are never named, but I’d guess magic mushrooms, perhaps acid. Maybe even MDMA, or—embarrassingly—weed. Whatever the drug was, it worked, and the teens, high as hell, soon found themselves lost in a “forest.” Panicked, they called 911. From the National Post:

When a police dispatcher asked one of the young men if there were any landmarks around, he responded that he saw trees. So the dispatcher tried asking him to shout “Help” to alert the searchers, according to Acting Sgt. Adam Morris. Instead, the man said “Yeah,” in a quiet voice.

“Yeah,” he said, in a quiet voice.

The “forest” that the teens were lost in, was barely that. In fact, it was merely a neighborhood park that is frequented by students and other locals:

The 50-acre forest, called Lackie’s Bush, is thinned by heavy foot traffic from students at a nearby high school. And a noisy road runs beside the park. So it’s “near impossible to get lost in,” Morris said, especially when the sun is up. It was 6 p.m. when the teens’ distress call came in.

Hahahahahahahahaha oh my god.

The search team — three officers and a dog — made quick work of finding the pair. They were “silently staring off into the sky,” police said.

The teens were taken to the hospital as a precaution, and when asked what drugs they were on, they refused to tell the police, saying that “they didn’t know.”


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