Steven Seagal, martial-arts movie star and savior of Grecian Formula's investor dividend, loves animals, the Dalai Lama and rounding up dirty eye-legals with Arizona's orneriest cop. Which means maybe Seagal was born to audition for this new role: Republican successor to Gov. Jan Brewer.

America's favorite chef-turned-Navy Seal-turned-overweight-Louisiana sheriff's deputy has been busy of late helping "America's sheriff," Maricopa County police honcho and birther-in-chief Joe Arpaio, wage his bizarre vendetta against undocumented people. Oh, and meeting with Vlad Putin, and successfully fighting off a sex-trafficking lawsuit, and running over a live puppy with a tank. Eh. He probably needs to dirty up his reputation a little if he's serious about diving into conservative Arizona politics:

"Joe Arpaio and me were talking about me running for governor in Arizona, which is kind of a joke, but I suppose I would remotely consider it," Seagal told a reporter at KNXV-TV over the weekend. "But probably I would have a lot of other responsibilities that may be important to address."

He then added that America's biggest problem is waves of illegal immigrants—"hardened criminals, murderers, rapists, narcotraffickers, people like that"—pouring over her naked borders. "People are talking about, 'Oh, Islamic terrorism in America!' I don't think it's that at all, I think our biggest problem is open borders," he said.

Seagal added that Arpaio's anti-immigrant crusade is not racist, because the sheriff and his movie-acting sidekick don't see color or nationality, just criminals and everyone else. Which is not at all fraught, thanks.

"We try to get the bad guy. What that means is, if somebody murders somebody, we go and arrest them. If somebody robs a bank, we go and arrest them," the star of Above the Law added, perhaps in preparation for his lead role in the upcoming Under the Reading Level.

[Photo credit: AP]