Speaking on a Netflix-organized panel, before the Television Critics Association in Pasadena, on Sunday, the two directors of Making a Murderer, Moira Demos and Laura Riccardi, revealed that convicted murderer Steven Avery’s request to watch their documentary about his trials and tribulations has been denied

“Steven does not have access to the series,” Riccardi said. “His request was denied.” The directors have spoken to Avery several times by phone since the series premiered. “This story is ongoing,” Demos said. “These cases are open. We are ready to follow these if there are significant developments.”

According to Decider, the directors also responded to recent criticisms leveled against their project. “We don’t consider this advocacy journalism,” Demos said. “It’s a social justice documentary. [Steven] Avery’s case offers a window into the system.”

“We are trying to urge people to think more deeply what the series is about,” Riccardi added, “and making sure our justice system is delivering verdicts we can rely on.”

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