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The second in Stephen Fry's gay-centric, two-part Out There documentary series aired last night in England. (The first, which featured Fry frying an ex-gay therapist, aired earlier this week.) In Part 2, we finally saw the results of Fry's publicized March meeting with Vitaly Milonov, the man commonly credited as the writer of the anti-"gay propaganda" law that's played a major role in Russia's current wave of gay oppression. Fry didn't hold back this time and was, in fact, much less polite than when he met with the ex-gay quack.

Again Fry's interview subject undoes himself ("Gay people, most of them, are lying about their problems," lies Milonov, who is personally responsible for many of those problems), and again it's riveting stuff. After the interview, Fry framed his conflict with Milonov as a battle of progression versus tradition. "The tradition is what? Torture? Inquisition? Illiteracy? Disease?” Fry asked. Leading up to the segment, Fry met with a lesbian couple who everyday break the law by exposing their 16-year-old son to their love, as well as a lesbian who recounted a homophobic assault. She said that when she attempted to file a report, the police turned her away.

Last month, Milonov described Fry as a "bringer of evil."