Whether you're happy for Nina Davuluri — the first Indian-American to be crowned Miss America — or not, you can at least agree that she isn't a terrorist.

That fact was apparently lost on many Americans, who took to their Twitter feeds in blind rage following Davuluri's to decry her as an Un-American Muslim terrorist — three things she just so happens to not be at all.

Much has been said about the knee-jerk reactions of the xenophobic multitude to any non-Norman-Rockwell contestant winning, well, anything, but, as always, Stephen Colbert gets the last word.

In case you missed last night's show, Colbert summed up the argument against Davuluri in a single sentence: "705 people [who tweeted the phrase "Miss America Terrorist"] saw a woman in a bikini and thought, 'Muslim Extremist.'"


Even Colbert couldn't keep himself from cracking up.

Watch the whole segment below (starts around the 2:30 mark).

[screengrab via Colbert Nation, animated gif via Tumblr]