Things just keep getting better and better for the American hero known Apparently Kid. Hours after his appearance on the Today Show, Noah "Apparently" Ritter was the subject of a tribute on the Colbert Report.

Colbert had nothing but praise for Ritter. "This kid is a natural born newsman," Colbert said. "I mean, he's already broken the story of how the super slide is half death scaring our children."

Ritter is so good, in fact, that Colbert said the five year old is one of the reasons he's getting out of the cable new business.

"News anchor babies like this are breathing down my neck," Colbert said. "At five years old, he's already got the sincerity of Edward R. Murrow. the reassuring gaze of Walter Cronkite, and more gravitas than Steve Doocy. "

As for Ritter's reliance on "apparently," Colbert says that's just the sort of catchphrase an established newsman needs, before cutting to a supercut of Sean Hannity overusing "literally."