Here's a horror film come to life: a stalker broke into a 16-year-old girl's house and sent her an "I'm watching you" text from under her bed. The stalker — Kyle Ravenscroft, 18 —also texted the girl he was going to kill himself so that she'd find him hanging outside her window.

According to police reports, Ravenscroft broke into the girl's home in Chester, England while her mother was home. After getting threatening texts from him, the girl went to sleep in her mother's room. Ravenscroft then hid under the girl's bed. She found him the next morning after experiencing the eerie sensation that someone was, indeed, watching her.

From the Daily Mail:

Prosecutor Rob Youd told the court she checked under the bed after having the feeling that someone was watching her. ... She then noticed that all her shoe boxes, normally neatly lined-up under her bed, had been moved. She crouched down and saw him hiding under it.

She said, "What are you doing under my bed?" and he said he had been asleep.

Ravenscroft fled after the girl's mother came into the room, but not before stealing the girl's phone. He eventually surrendered to police after jumping out of a first floor window in his own home.

The judge sentenced him to a fine, community service, and probation. A restraining order now prevents him from contacting the girl.

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