Former New York assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak, facing accusations of gross sexual harassment, resigned this weekend, acknowledging that although he engaged in "mutual banter and exchanges" that were "inappropriate in the workplace," it didn't rise to the level of sexual harassment.

His accusers disagreed. So they released a video of the politician sitting in a bathroom stall, doing something — staffers say he was either masturbating or simulating receiving oral sex — that ends with a toilet flush and Gabryszak asking the camera, "Is this what you wanted?"

An attorney for six of the seven women currently accusing Gabryszak of harassment released the video and other sexual texts and Facebook messages sent by Gabryszak on Sunday after the former assemblyman delivered his non-apologetic apology.

They say he sent the video, unsolicited, to an aide.

"He would have been much wiser to just resign and make no comment," the attorney said in a statement.